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Silver Dollar is a test fit, original concept developed by KGRHC. Designing a "test-fit" is a service we provide to real estate developers, hoteliers, and other larger format developments to provide context and inspiration for what a concept COULD BE. These concepts are designed not only to sell the space to potential operators but to assist in programming out the space to streamline the budget and get the entire project opened in a timely manner.


In a restaurant environment, *almost* everything can be customized and branded but it just doesn’t happen. With Silver Dollar, we have the opportunity, removing budgetary and financial constraints, to showcase how a visual brand and a dining experience can interact – to shift the focus from the food, to the actual plate – to notice how the glassware interacts with the wallpaper that interacts with the signage and the business cards.

Silver Dollar is a modern-american brunch restaurant with an emphasis on pancakes. The brand is designed to create a high level of visual interest. Bold colors and graphic imagery are used to juxtapose Silver Dollar against pre-concieved notions of what a restaurant should look like. Utilizing only four colors, the brand shines through the use of pattern and heavily contrasted elements.

where it was.

test fit for nyc

when we did it.

2019, 2020

what we did.


concept development

brand development

visual identity 

menu development

financial feasibility

marketing plan

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