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Jammin Jerk Burgers is a ghost kitchen concept designed by Dawn Skeete, owner of Jammit Bistro in Red Hook Brooklyn.


Jammin Jerk Burgers are more than just a burger, they are a way of life. The concept was born in the Caribbean and raised in Brooklyn giving you the best of both worlds: island flavors with a New York edge. One bite will send you to the sun kissed shores of Jamaica; treat yourself to a vacation from the comfort of your couch. Grab that plate full of jerk fries and the juiciest spiciest, stickiest, sweetest, savoriest, burger around.

... So what are you waiting for?

Time to kick back, jam out, and eat some jerk!

where it was.

red hook, brooklyn

when we did it.


what we did.


concept development

business planning

business case creation

financial feasibility

brand development

visual identity design

logo design

website design

website development

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