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RANGOON is a South East Asian concept heavily influenced by classic Burmese cuisine and pulling from the diverse cultural experience of executive chef Myo Moe. Chef Myo ran a successful pop-up, Rangoon Noodle Lab, in Brooklyn. After the success of this pop-up and a hospitality career in major markets across the United States, she was inspired to take her experiences and develop a plan to launch her existing pop-up into her first brick and mortar location.


*We assisted RANGOON in early stage business planning prior to their successful launch in the NYC market. KGRHC did not participate in the development of this concept beyond the early stage business planning and concept development stage.

where it was.


when we did it.


what we did.


early stage business planning

financial feasibility study

concept development

visual identity direction

general advisory

Directional branding created by Kevin Gregory during early stage planning phase. The purpose of the early stage planning phase is to give life to your idea - to show what it "could be" before you have raised funds or have the need for a full branding package - we are able to meet you where you are and provide you something that you can build on later. 

Final branding developed and used by Chef Myo Moe years later.


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