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Shunfa Bakery is the result of the long journey of immigrants who worked hard to make a living on their own. It is the story of reclaiming one’s own path and taking charge—being one’s own boss after years of working long, back-breaking hours in various service jobs just to support themselves and their families.

Shunfa Bakery opened as a family establishment, and remains one to this day.

Serving a large selection of baked goods, traditional snacks, meals and a long list of satisfying drinks - we invite you to Shunfa Bakery.

This project was done in partnership with Send Chinatown Love.

check out the site we designed for them:

where it was.

sunset park, brooklyn

when we did it.

2020, 2021

what we did.

concept development

graphic design

visual Identity and branding

menu design

menu analysis & optimization

website design

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